In my mind this has been a long time coming, but with recent world events, I’ve taken stock and decided to pause selling the StickerDisk.

I’m still a Jeeper at heart, and no, I’m not selling my Jeep. I’m just pivoting the Rockfacegear brand and product.

When I first started Rockfacegear, I wanted it to be about off-road and music products. They definitely are not normal bedfellows, but they are to me. I love both worlds equally, but have exclusively spent several years focused on the off-road world while neglecting music. That’s going to change with the release of a new music product before the end of this year. 

I don’t know if I’ll sell the StickerDisk again, but to be totally honest, barring some unforeseen renewal of interest in it, it will likely stay this way. If you would like to discuss future business opportunities regarding the StickerDisk, I can be reached here.

Thanks to everyone for their support over the years.