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Tail Light Guards

Because flashing red skulls are cool.

Personalize your Jeep Wrangler® JK while protecting the tail lamps with our new guards. Ours are perfect for deflecting branches, rocks and most anything else the trail throws at it. Our tail light guards are 100% Made in the U.S.A.

  • Made of 14 gauge American steel
  • Black powdercoated surface for long lasting protection
  • Perfect fit screws and spacers included

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How should I install these?2017-04-19T02:57:54+00:00

The guards come with eight (8) screws. You’ll notice that there are two sizes. The thicker screws go in the holes located on the outer edge of the tail lights; the thinner screws go in the holes toward the center of the vehicle. The bag also contains eight (8) spacers. They are all the same size. One suggestion we have is that you first thread a spacer onto one screw and then barely thread it into the hole, then do the other three screws.

We’re not ones to tell you what your vehicle should look like, but if it were up to us, we’d prefer seeing both guards in the same orientation as shown in the photo on this website. If you want to flip them, go for it, but that’s how they were designed.

Are these really made in the U.S.A.?2017-05-14T00:01:52+00:00

Yes they were. They were designed by one person, laser cut by another, and then blasted and powder coated by a third—all in the State of Michigan just a few miles from each other. We are proud Detroiters, and it’s a top priority at ROCKFACEGEAR for us to design, manufacture and assemble our products in the U.S.A.

Can I install this on a non-JK Wrangler?2017-05-14T00:02:00+00:00

Great question. As of this moment, our products are only designed for the Jeep Wrangler® JK. We don’t advise installing them on anything else.

What kind of warranty do I get with these guards?2017-05-02T22:06:09+00:00

Well, there are several levels to that question. First, we guarantee that the product shows up at your door in perfect condition. We hate it when things that we spend our hard earned money on show up like they’ve been dropped from a plane. If your guards arrive damaged, please contact us immediately at [email protected] or use this form. We will ask to see a photo of the damage before mailing replacements. They’re made of steel and have a powder coat finish (not paint!), so they should hold up to typical off-highway driving. Slamming into a concrete block is a whole different story.