ROCKFACEGEAR lives where the Jeep off-road lifestyle and the world of rock and roll meet. We will create useful, smart and fun products that help you personalize your vehicle, and make your musical life easier.

We’ve lived at the intersection of rock and roll and off-road for years.

We were there when the first Rubicon rolled off the line and on the Rubicon Trail when the first four door version was unveiled to our kind.

We were there when Metallica was an opening act and Nirvana kicked Michael Jackson off the stage. We’ve played dingy dive bars blasting punk rock tunes, and had AC/DC’s Brian Johnson stand on the side of our stage.

We are proud Detroiters who choose to keep our friends and neighbors employed with a fair wage for the skill and talent they’ve earned over the years rather than send things overseas and watch people struggle.

We believe in the power of exciting ideas and despise those who copy, because nothing goes against what we are all about more than that.

We create products that solve problems for people who see the world the way we do, but have no choice but to live it their own way.